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What is iFRESHk you might ask?

iFRESHk is an abbreviation of a name i developed for my instagram when i first became infatuated with the art of barbering.


[ @iFRESHKUHTS ]  I wanted to create a unique misspelled name someone would say or read somewhere & somehow be able to identify it as my identity with out the use of my government name Jardiel Soto. It was all a DREAM.. [EST.13]

Over the years i have developed a creative outlet to not only showcase the haircuts i do but the clothing they wear with it.

Marble Surface





Born in Los Mochis, Sinaloa, Jardiel moved to the humble town of Desert Hot Springs, California when he was only 1. The first son of two teenage immigrants parents with a dream of “desiring more for their only son at the time” 1 of 5 now.

Growing up in the city of D.H.S. in a trailer park with the least possible luxury items one can only dream of. His passion for barbering started when he was sick and tired of getting bowl cuts from his father. After countless bad yearly school photos enough was enough… At the start of his 8th grade school year now 1 or 4 kids… he would decide to not only work on his own haircuts but also his little brother & neighbors.


I was very fortunate that my father noticed my passion for cutting hair & decided to help me invest into some brand new hair clippers from Sallys.. A Corded Wahl Designer & a Wahl Peanut maybe about $120 worth of stuff at the time. It was history after that… charging only $5 in my parents trailers backyard (as i was never fortunate enough to have a garage). As the years went by & i developed a LOVE for the craft & would grind day & night. What really kept me involved was hair designs.. the fact that you could carve a simple or intricate design in someones head always kept me pushing to be best person for the job.


After I graduated high school i decided to pursue my passion & enroll at International School Of Beauty in 2014, where i connected with a lot of other students who shared the same passion as myself. Fast forward to 2023 iFRESHk has now opened its official doors & welcomes you to become iFRESH with us along the way.

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