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Born and raised in the small city of Blythe, California where his parents migrated from Michoacán Mexico to obtain the “American dream” for themselves but most importantly their children. Cristian picked up his first pair of clippers at the age of 14 as an artistic hobby and never looked back. From cutting in his parents backyard to working in his local barbershop as a senior in high school.He went on to pursue his career by enrolling in barber school in the Coachella Valley where he now cuts full time in downtown Palm Springs. 8 years as a professional he has been able to not only provide for his small family but also opening up doors for other chasing the same dream as him. He went on to open his own shop in his home town to provide a cool and safe place to build a community and help the city of Blythe. “I've always had a passion for art and the art of haircutting and simply making people look and feel good. I believe that the way you present yourself speaks to people about who you are without actually speaking. Presentation is everything and it all starts with a great haircut”.

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